Can Spray Foam Insulation Prevent Mold?

Mold can cause health risks for everyone, ranging from mild symptoms like sneezing and coughing to more serious issues like permanent lung damage. Worst of all, mold is sneaky – it’s difficult if not impossible to see the spread until someone gets sick. Fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself against this toxic intruder!

What causes mold?

Mold infiltration in homes or buildings poses a variety of both physical and financial dangers that range from minor cold-like ailments to severe respiratory problems with potential lifelong consequences. Mold likes tight spaces best, so most people don’t even realize they have an issue when it first starts, as the spread is insidious and undercover in areas you may not be aware of.

Mold thrives in moist, dark environments. The key to preventing mold growth is reducing the moisture and airflow inside your home through insulation or upgraded construction techniques such as airtight seals around windows and doors.

Moisture is not the only thing that causes mold; it’s just one part of the equation. Mold growth happens when you have moisture, but it also needs food. The food that mold most commonly likes is cellulose, which is why it’s often seen in wood structures like in the attics and basements (cellulose is the main component of wood). Cellulose is also a common material used for insulation. Mold grows quickly in cellulose due to the fact that cellulose is a very porous material, and also very nutritious for the mold. When cellulose insulation gets wet, mold spores can germinate in the damp, hospitibal environment.

Mold infestation tends to occur in the late spring or early fall months when moisture and temperature levels are at their highest, so in order to prevent mold growth during these seasons, the best thing to do is to make sure there is little to no moisture present in your home.

You can do this by using building materials that don’t provide any nutritional value for the mold, such as polyurethane spray foam. Mold spores are constantly being released into the air around you, but as long as there is no food source for them they will be unable to grow.

How to combat mold.

Mold battles can be won by starting with a plan for prevention first and foremost – that means sealing up all of those leaks you may have noticed behind window trimmings, electrical outlets on outside walls, etc.

In an average home, the air balance can be disrupted as cool and warm air easily mix with each other. The result is moisture buildup in the attic or basement – a breeding ground for mold that will attack your building materials from within if left unchecked. Prevention starts by creating an effective seal all around your house to keep the cold air and warm air, or vice versa.

Advanced polyurethane spray foam insulation is an effective and reliable way to seal your home, leaving no gaps or cracks. Spray foam insulation can be easily applied allowing you to completely seal every hole, gap and crack you find. This product does not rot as it is made of a material that will never deteriorate like wood or metal would over time. Additionally, this type of insulation helps counteract moisture from penetrating through the attic or other areas which aids in preventing mold growth- something other types of insulation cannot do!


Proper ventilation is essential in many areas of life, and this can be especially true for the air circulation around your home. You want to make sure you have enough vents that will help circulate oxygen throughout your house so it doesn’t get too stuffy or damp inside from moisture accumulation. This might mean adding roof vent covers if they’re not already there; installing an exhaust fan at a window near the attic on one side of your house; as well as making sure any other windows are sealed properly with weather stripping doors.

Clearly, spray foam insulation does much more than just insulate. It will control indoor humidity and condensation, and therefore prevent mold from growing and spreading. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate weapon against mold. It will not only keep you and your family comfortable and healthy, but it can also make sure that there’s no way for pesky fungus to invade!

The consequences of not having proper insulation in your home are enormous. Not only will the temperature fluctuate inside and out, but moisture can also cause mold and mildew to grow anywhere. When this happens, you increase your chances of getting sick from a respiratory illness or developing allergies. The best way we know for keeping these things away is with spray foam insulation- an exceptional sealing agent because its qualities prevent moisture infiltration while at the same time depriving the mold or mildew of a food source. Without the presence of the two things needed for it to grow, mold simply cannot proliferate.

Imagine never having to worry about mold again. With the help of spray foam insulation, this is a reality many people are experiencing and enjoying. Spray foam installation has proven effective in preventing molds from flourishing in areas like crawlspaces or hidden spaces that might otherwise be difficult for homeowners to clean or access themselves. During peak periods when moisture can grow unchecked- in attics, basements, or any other awkward space you could possibly imagine!

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