Can Spray Foam Insulation Prevent Mold?

Mold can potentially cause health risks for everyone in your home. These can range from mild symptoms like a cough or a runny nose, all the way up to permanent issues like lung damage or death. Worst of all, mold is insidious. It is very difficult to know if you have a mold problem until it is already causing major damage within your home, or somebody gets sick. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to protect yourself and your family against this toxic intruder!

What Causes Mold?

The infiltration of mold in buildings or homes can pose a variety of physical and financial dangers to the occupants. These can be as minor as a simple cold, or as serious as severe respiratory issues that may lead to lifelong consequences. Mold loves dark damp areas, so many people are completely unaware they even have mold in their home until it’s too late.

The key to preventing the growth of mold is to reduce the amount of moisture inside your home with a tight air seal, and an effective ventilation strategy. However, moisture is not the only factor that contributes to the growth of mold. Moisture encourages mold to grow, but it also needs a food source.

Mold’s favorite food is cellulose, the main component of wood. That’s why it’s so often found in attics and basements, growing silently, eating away the wooden components of your home. Cellulose is also the most common material used for blown-in attic insulation. When the cellulose in your insulation, or within the wooden beams of your house combines with moisture, mold spores can germinate and spread quickly.

Mold thrives during the wet temperate times of the year, like during late spring or early fall. The best way to prevent the growth of mold during these seasons is to combat the accumulation of moisture and deprive the mold of a food source.

How to Prevent Mold

The battle against mold can be won with planning and perseverance. That means sealing up any air leaks in your home, such as around windows, electrical outlets, and doors that may be letting moisture into your home.

If warm air is allowed to enter into your home and come in contact with a cold surface, or vice versa, the result is condensation. This process often goes unnoticed in a cold basement or crawl space, places that can be a breeding ground for mold. The first step for preventing mold involves creating an effective building envelope around your home that will stop this exchange of warm and cold air from happening.

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is an effective and reliable way to seal up any gaps or cracks that may exist within your home.  Not only will the use of spray foam insulation stop the infiltration of moisture into your home, but it also deprives any mold spores of a food source.


Proper ventilation is essential for circulating air around your home in order to avoid the accumulation of moisture. You might consider covering the vents in your attic and adding a fan, ensuring that all windows are properly sealed, and applying weather stripping around all doors.

Clearly, spray foam insulation does much more than just insulate. It will control indoor humidity and condensation, and therefore prevent mold from growing and spreading. Spray foam insulation is the ultimate weapon against mold. It will not only keep you and your family comfortable and healthy, but it can also make sure that there’s no way for pesky fungus to invade!

The consequences of not having proper insulation in your home are enormous. Not only will the temperature fluctuate inside and out, but moisture infiltration can also cause mold and mildew to grow anywhere. When this happens, you increase your chances of getting sick from a respiratory illness or developing allergies.

The best way to avoid these issues is through the use of spray foam insulation- an exceptional sealing agent because its qualities prevent moisture infiltration while at the same time depriving the mold or mildew of a food source. Without the presence of these two things, mold simply cannot proliferate.

Imagine never having to worry about mold again. With the help of spray foam insulation, this is a reality many people are experiencing and enjoying. Spray foam installation has proven effective in preventing mold from taking over in areas like crawlspaces, or other hidden spaces that might otherwise be difficult for homeowners to access or clean themselves.