Is Spray Foam the Right Choice for Your Garage Insulation Project?

If you have a garage that is uninsulated, and you’re like most homeowners, insulating your garage might not be very high on your to do list. But if you want to increase your energy savings year round, make your garage space more usable, and get the benefit of some critical safety upgrades, you may want to consider garage insulation soon.

Before you spend your money, however, there are a few things you should know about how spray in insulation works and whether or not spray foam is right for your garage.

Before we get into a list of benefits spray foam can offer your garage, you need to understand a bit about how spray foam works.

Spray foam is made from two types of liquids that are mixed together and then sprayed into the space you want to insulate. The chemicals expand when they come in contact with each other, forming a solid material. This material expands and fills every nook, cranny, and crack of the space where it is applied. It can adhere to any surface, including concrete walls. This makes it a great application for garages, which can be constructed from a variety of materials.

Since the chemicals used are inert after they expand, insulating your garage with spray foam insulation won’t be any cause for health concerns. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified the chemicals in spray foam insulation as safe for use. As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, your garage will be protected from moisture and pests.

An example of why spray foam is such a good choice for garages: the average household spends the majority of its utility budget heating its home in the winter. So if you use your garage frequently throughout the year and like to keep it heated, then your energy costs will be lower because you won’t have heat energy escaping from that space. But that’s a no brainer. Everyone knows that adding insulation to your home will save you money.

In order to further convince you that spray foam is right for your garage insulation project, this post will explore six benefits of insulating your garage with spray foam insulation.

1. Temperature Regulation

When you insulate so that the temperature between the inside of the room and the outside stays consistent, you will avoid wild temperature swings during the extremes of summer and winter. The most efficient way to heat or cool your garage is to insulate it and block out influence from the weather outside. Spray foam insulation makes this possible by sealing off gaps and keeping the temperature consistent. Temperature regulation of your garage is important in order to reap the rest of the benefits listed below.

2. Increased Space Utility

A more efficient space equates to a higher utility value in most cases. In fact, many people have turned their garage into a living room or home office because they’ve insulated it so well with spray foam. By keeping the temperature constant, there are so many possible uses for your space! You can easily convert your garage into a suitable workshop or studio.

If you are a classic car collector, you might want to consider heating your garage to keep your prize pristine. Having good insulation will keep these costs down.

3. Makes It Usable Year Round

If you are someone who likes to use their garage all twelve months of the year, then insulation is key to making that happen. You don’t want your garage freezing in January or baking in July, and spray foam will keep a constant temperature all year round.

Allowing use of your garage year round means it’s possible to turn one of your least-used spaces into one of your favorite places, a retreat for all your crafts and hobbies.

4. Increased Safety

  • Despite the protection of drywall, your garage is still susceptible to damage from rodents. Putting insulation in the walls and adding more drywall can be a good way to keep electrical wiring safe against rodent invasions.
  • A new report suggests that many people are unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, and too often they ignore insulation updates because it is a low priority. This can lead to serious health risks in their homes if deadly gases from car exhaust is allowed to seep through spaces in walls or doors into living spaces where families breathe them in.
  • A garage insulated with spray foam can also give you an added layer of protection for your family. Since the best insulation is rated for fire safety, it won’t release any toxic gases or fumes if exposed to flames and could save lives in case of accidental fires by keeping them contained.

5. Reduces Noise

A garage is a great place to keep your tools and work on your projects without disturbing the peace of those around you. If you insulate it well enough, no one will hear the racket you are generating.

A lot of people use their garage as a shop area for woodworking or finishing small home projects. If you use power tools, including particularly loud ones like table saws and drills, it can be difficult not to upset those living in your home.

If you insulate this space and block out the noise of those tools, then everyone will be happier because they can enjoy some peace and quiet, and you can work in your garage anytime you want!

6. Increase the Value of Your Home

Do you think anyone is going to want to buy a house without insulation? Spray foam keeps your garage insulated and efficient, which in turn is reflected in the price of the space! And since a well insulated garage can be considered a separate living space, you can increase your square footage and the value of your home dramatically with a little investment.

7. Prevents Moisture

One of the biggest problems that can occur when you don’t insulate properly is moisture buildup. This not only causes damage to all of your belongings, but it can also cause mold growth and structural problems with your walls and roof. Spray foam insulation seals off your garage, allowing it to be used all year long without fear of damage due to moisture causing mold or mildew to form on the walls.

Spray foam insulation is a great way to protect your garage and the rest of your home from moisture, mold, or mildew. Spray foam can also help you increase the value of your property while giving you peace and quiet in an otherwise noisy space. If you’re ready for this project but aren’t sure where to start, give Evergreen Insulation a call. We’re a spray foam insulation company in Coeur d’Alene, and we’re here to help you with your next project. Contact us today!